“Be proactive and health will follow”

While many patients come to see Dr. Jackie to address specific complaints, often times it is helpful to coach our patients in ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Throughout the investigation into a patient’s complaint, Dr. Jackie is alert to even the subtle factors that may be either a contributing factor or the primary cause of the complaint. When such factors are discovered, it is important to address them in order to, not only allow healing in the present but to help prevent the complaint from returning in the future. Everything in the body is interconnected and, therefore, here we do everything in our power to ensure the whole body is functioning at its best allowing you to live an active, happy and pain-free life.


Whether the cause of the discomfort is due to a workspace, your car, how you sleep, or a home office, Dr. Jackie can give you advice on changes that would be most beneficial for you as an individual.

Check out my blog discussing just a few ergonomic changes that can be incorporated for the office

Posture & Movement

Weaknesses in the body can be found through the use of postural and movement assessments. Once the weaknesses are discovered we can begin the process of strengthening weak muscles, stretching tight muscles and changing the overall biomechanics, thus returning balance to the body and allowing for proper function.

Daily Practices

At Casab Sports & Wellness we want our patients to return to play as quickly as possible and remain in play for years to come. Thus we encourage our patients to be proactive in both their care and their lives. We strive to find ways in which our patients can become more active while continuing to enjoy themselves. Becoming more active does not have to mean going to the gym or running on a hot day either. It can be something as simple as just getting up and moving more than normal, for example taking a walk around your place of work during a break. “Be proactive and health will follow”


Nutrition is an element of care that is many times overlooked in modern medicine and yet it is such an important factor in the overall health of our bodies. Even the smallest of changes in diet can have significant effects on how our bodies function. Additionally, with the ever changing fad diets, chemically engineered crops, and steroid filled meats, the nutrients our bodies are actually absorbing has significantly diminished. Therefore, at times it may be necessary to delve into your nutritional needs to provide the most benefit during the healing process.

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