Dr. Casab of Casab Sports & Wellness Chiropractic offers comprehensive plantar fasciitis treatment services. Patients with this condition can get relief from their symptoms at this facility in San Jose, California.

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What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that occurs when the plantar fascia, which is the band of tissue found on the bottom of each foot, becomes inflamed and/or damaged. It is a painful condition, but it is common and not particularly dangerous. Patients with this condition may experience a stabbing pain in the heel as their primary symptom. This pain is usually worst when the patient gets out of bed in the morning. As the patient moves around during the day, pain will decrease. However, if the patient spends a significant amount of time sitting or standing, the pain may return.

Patients with this condition may suffer from limited mobility because of the pain in their feet. Over time, patients may also develop hip, back, or knee problems from walking differently to avoid pain.

Why Does Plantar Fasciitis Occur?

Plantar fasciitis is more common in people who run frequently, are overweight, or wear shoes without proper support. Individuals may also be more likely to develop plantar fasciitis if they spend a lot of time on their feet or are over the age of 40. However, anyone can develop this condition.

What Treatments Are Available?

Chiropractic care can improve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, allowing patients to walk more comfortably and avoid complications. Specifically, manual manipulations of the feet and ankles can reduce stress in the plantar fascia, which may bring down inflammation, take away the pain, and lower the risk of additional damage.

How Does Dr. Casab Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

If a patient comes in with the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, Dr. Casab will begin by evaluating the patient’s feet to determine the source of the problem. If Dr. Casab confirms that plantar fasciitis is causing the patient’s symptoms, she will recommend a treatment plan composed of chiropractic care and lifestyle changes to improve the patient’s condition.

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