Greg C.
Rotator cuff.Dr Casab asks the right questions knows the body very well 1treatment so much relief already.Very professional.

Sandy W.
Feels great after each treatment and long term results are good.

Angel E.
For many years I’ve struggled with bad knees due to sports related injuries and a bad back because of my strenuous line work. Dr. Jackie is the only person I can trust help me bounce back and have me feeling good as new.

Jose T.
Every time I walk out of there felling just like new

Kala W.
Dr. Jackie finds a way to discover what hurts (physically) and make it go away.

Cecily W.
Jackie is very thorough and patient, working on the soft tissue around her adjustments so I stay pain free. She has helped increase my mobility and decrease my pain, even relieving my frozen shoulder after numerous other doctors just told me I had to live with the pain! I highly recommend Jackie

Syed A.
Jackie is knowledgeable & thorough

Pamela A.
Jackie is always great! She listens and takes plenty of time to treat my problems! I never feel like I’m being rushed.

Elianna H.
My daughter does not like to go to chiropractors but with Jackie she feels very comfortable and at ease when she gets her adjustments. She is very caring and understand as well very knowledgeable in her field. I truly recommend her to all.

Kara J.
I always feel much better, more limber and fantastic after I see Dr. Jackie she is amazing!

Charlene P.
I have been seeing Dr Jackie for several years now and she is hands down the best chiropractor I have ever seen. She is very thorough in you consultation appointment, she will go through your full history. As someone who deals with anxiety and PTSD is was a breath of fresh air to be asked if there was any accommodations that I would need. She has helped me through my entire healthcare journey dealing with a chronic musculoskeletal disorder. She really cares about her patients and does everything she can to help those who come to see her.

Kanaka S.
Thoughtful Attentive Sensitive

Kara J.
Pulled my hamstring a few weeks ago and over the duration I’ve been seeing Dr. Jackie for care, now my leg feels so much better and more pain!

Sandy C.
My visit with Dr. Casab was a wonderful experience! Dr. Casab was very thorough in her explanation of her treatment plan and technique. I also appreciated that she reviewed, with me, the patient forms that I filled out before she began treatment. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Casab and I have to say that my appointment with her was the most thorough chiropractic visit that I’ve even had. I felt immediate relief from some of my more concerning symptoms, which, if you know me, is not an easy task. Thank you, so much! I highly recommend her!

Shavaun B.
I was in a bit of discomfort and am on the mend now, she was very thorough with questions and exam.

Tandis N.
Dr. Jackie is not only a professional at what age does, she is also a very pleasant person. She uses various methods to aid your ailments. For my TMJ, she did massage and manipulation, and for my neck and back she did massage and cupping. All of this is helping me to feel less pain. She also assigned me exercises to do at home. Her service is also the sweetest!

John H.
Always a productive visit! Thank you Dr Jackie

Antonio P.
Very satisfying experience!

Victoria H.
I am always amazed that I can walk into Dr. Jackie’s office feeling an incredible amount of pain, and walk out with little to none. Dr. Jackie does not just focus on the one area that I am having an issue with, but rather takes the time to evaluate the whole body. You do not feel like she is rushing you in any way, which is very different from most others I have experience with in the medical field. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Ken C.
She works to recover years of misfits in my skeleton. Lesson learned , don’t wait until feeling pain to go to a chiropractor Get therapy early. She has a broad and holistic approach, taking input from this patient.

Karen H.
Wonderful experience. Dr. Jackie is very informative about the health of my spine and techniques to maintain and improve that health.

Kelsey C.
Dr Jacky is the best! She’s an expert who understands the body and pain management from a multi-systems, holistic perspective.

Virginia D.
Thank you for helping me to feel comfortable at my first appointment with you. I believe you are skilled at listening, understanding, and hands-on therapy. I felt an improvement with my severe headache pain on my first day with you, and look forward to more treatments with you to take care of all my concerns.

Gina H.
Got all those knots worked out. Thanks Dr. Jackie!

Ruben F.
Professional, knowledgeable and friendly environment.

Sky S.
I called for an appointment and Dr. Casab was able to see me the same day. As always, her care was extrordinary. Thank you!

Pamela A.
Dr. Jackie is the best!! I usually have something weird going on, and she always fixes it. I love that she gives me exercises to support what she does in the office.

Justin D.
Thorough evaluation and immediate relief.

Jimy M.
Dr Casab was absolutely terrific. She did a very thorough & comfortable initial consultation followed by terrific adjustments (with immediate improvement). Very very satisfied & happy that I found her!!

Cheryl H.
Dr Casab is very knowledgeable and I always feel better when we are through with my treatments.

David B.
Dr Jackie made a very thorough review of my health history on my first visit. My neck could barely move when I came to the appointment but now am getting better movement.

Anna B.
Dr. Casab is patient and a great listener. She really wanted to get to the heart of what was bothering me and took her time to really explore where the root cause of the pain was coming from. She is fantastic and truly has healing hands!

Alexis H.
Great as always. Walked out of the office feeling so much better and my headache that I had for four days was gone.

David M.
Jackie does great work! Her evening hours are perfect for me. Very thorough and doesn’t try to sell unnecessary appointments

Grace D.
Very helpful

Maria S.
Dr Casab always manages to find what is really the root cause of my pain. She spends so much time working on me that it’s like an adjustment and massage in one!

Deanna D.
I’ve seen several physical therapists and other chiropractors, but Dr. Casab exceeds their techniques by a long shot! She is a 5+ in my book.

Julie T.
I’ve only been to the chiropractor a few times. This has been a great experience. My back and neck are feeling so much better.

John H.
Felt a difference from the first visit! I’m really looking forward to my next. Dr Casab is extremely knowledgeable and she also has the personality to make you feel at ease. I would highly recommend her!

Teresa O.
Dr. Jackie is always very helpful, she has made such a difference and my overall health, with her knowledge she has help me take better care of myself…

Isabelle S.
We have been visiting Dr Jackie for a couple of years now, initially to help with some specific back/neck pain and now for regular “tune ups”. Dr Jackie is very personable and gives clear, easy to follow directions on how to exercise problem areas between visits to ensure flare ups don’t recur.

Catherine C.
Dr. Casab was very personable and yet professional. She knew exactly what I needed. When I walked out of her office I felt like a new woman. Highly recommend seeing her for your medical concerns.

Mark W.
I am an athlete by nature, and go to the gym on a daily basis. I mis-align my back/neck every now and then. Jackie is a great chiropractor, that get’s me back in full mobility within days! She is great!

Lana S.
I hurt my back doing yoga, and I have been suffering from a recurring back pain for the last year or so. When it became obvious that I had to see a doctor for my persistent pain, I was referred to Dr. Casab. She was thorough in asking questions about my pain and checking out my movements. She did a full hour of adjustments each time over the course of four appointments. Pain reduced considerably after the first treatment. I have been pain-free ever since the last appointment. Dr. Casab also prescribed an online exercises that were designed to strengthen certain parts of my body in order to heal and prevent further injuries. Dr. Casab is incredibly intuitive when diagnosing the cause of various symptoms and extremely thoughtful in her approach to treatments. I am no longer afraid to practice yoga as I know I have Dr. Casab to “repair” me if I ever injure myself again 🙂

Brad M.
Very experienced and explains things in a very understandable way. Great first chiropractic experience.

Eric C.
First time ever at a chiropractor. Talked thoroughly about my concerns and issues. Look forward to my follow up appointment.

Kenneth K.
Was recommended to see Jackie by my wife and daughter. I was experiencing neck(tightness, tension headaches), shoulder (lack of movement/no strength) and lower back (pain , pulled muscles)issues stemming from a work injury. Was taking a lot of Aleve to help manage the pain. Jackie was able to help reduce the pain and help me to regain my strength/movement and no longer the need for pain pills. She also provided me with exercise techniques to help strengthen these areas. She is a chiro who really cares about her patients! Would highly recommend her!

Maggie K.
My first visit to Jackie was back in 4/28/16 , recommended by my daughter. I was having multiple issues. 1. Found that getting off the couch I was experiencing difficulty with movement, felt extremely stiff , difficulty with walking and going up 1 step. Was moving like a 90yr old person which scared me. First visit with Jackie she immediately starting working on me twice a week and within a month I had full movement again! 2. Next was neck and shoulder tension from constant computer and cell phone use. Again Jackie has provided relief 3. Finally my left hand there was a small tendon/ball at the base of my thumb causing me constant pain and loss of strength. My regular doctor sent me to a specialist who suggested surgery . I mentioned this to Jackie and she was familiar with this issue. She was not only able to stop the irritating pain, she was also able to reduce the tendon/ball. I no longer have issues with my thumb . All resolved with no surgery. Jackie has been a blessing! She is very knowledgeable and has a great personality! I would highly recommend you to please schedule a visit with her! You will not regret it!

Teresa O.
Dr Casab is been incredible helpful, and I always get a full adjustment. I’m very grateful for all that she has done for me.

Rachael S.
Dr. Casab takes her time to make sure all your issues are addressed and treated. She uses a wide range of treatment methods to that work together for even better results. I would highly recommend her.

Liz D.
Dr. Jackie is always present and professional. And she’s a lot of fun. I like learning about my body and how her treatments can help me move better.

Nancy C.
I have been going to chiropractors for 35 years and I have never known one to be as knowledgable, thorough, and kind as Dr. Jackie. She is truly an exceptional chiropractor and I would recommend her to anyone.

Mark R.
With out her help I would be in terrible pain she helped me more than any doctor physical Therapist Combined she’s amazing !

Mickey C.
I’ve been to multiple chiropractors over the last 15 years due to a snowboarding accident. Most of the time I’m in and out and they just treat my problem area, neck, and spine. Dr Jackie not only does all that, but she checks out my entire body. She notices other things all the other chiropractors didn’t take the time to notice. Most of which can be corrected with exercises on my own!. When you go to her, you know your in good hands. The best part. She will be the first to tell you that your fine and don’t need a chiropractor. She has extensive medical knowledge and will Refer you to a doctor that can help you.

Bruce C.
I had injured my knee, I had finished medical physical therapy and still was uncomfortable and did not have full use of my knee. Dr Jackie did a great job and helped get me back to riding my bike In record time.

Alex P.
Dr Casab is the best, and I’m so happy I found her office. She really spends the time working out the kinks and adjusting your whole body. Today she even stretched out my diaphragm, it was awesome! I feel amazing after an adjustment, and she gives you great exercises for home.

Nicole D.
Dr. Casab was very thurough with our consult and went into great detail with assessment. She found areas on my body that I didn’t even notice were an issue. So much better than the 5 minute in-n-out adjustments I’ve had in the past! You can tell she really knows her stuff and genuinely cares about pin pointing and resolving the underlying issue. Would definitely recommend!

Hermie S.
Jackie treated our small dog who suffered from severe back pain. He became completely lame in the hind legs and our vet referred him to a special center to get back surgery. I did a Yelp search for animal chiropractors and discovered Jackie. After the 1st of 4 treatments there was improvement 12 hours later and he kept making improvement since. I really like the fact that she comes to our house and not only is it so convenient, but our dog is more relax in his home environment.

Adriana B.
Very thorough and so patient with my 12 year old daughter!

Maria M.
I have been seeing Dr Jackie for over a year for various problems, from low back pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and have always found her to be thorough, not only getting to the root of the problem, but helping with on line exercises (and actually showing you how to do them), and spending so much time with me (this is not a quick in and out place, just crack and go). She literally adjusts your entire body, does massage and deep tissue work ( Graston Technique) if needed and more. I went in Friday with something new for me. Severe pain in my upper back, neck and shoulders from a new job that has me hunched over a lap top. She spent an hour with me, and by Saturday, I was pain free! I am so grateful to Dr Jackie, she is the best!

Stanley L.
Dr. Casab is very comprehensive in her diagnostic process. I have been to a few chiropractors in the past. They proceeded to adjustments without fully evaluate the entire body. This is something that sets Dr. Casab apart from the other chiropractors.

Pam A.
I have known Dr. Jackie for years!!! She is a truly gifted diagnostician!! She found stuff that nobody else did!! Not only does she do the actual treatment, but she prescribes exercises to support that treatment. In the past, with other chiropractors, I have felt like a revolving checkbook, they just want to keep me coming back. Not Dr. Jackie, she actually wants her patients to get better!!! My husband came in walking like Lurch, really struggling to do his job. He is now pain free and can work as much as he wants. My only regret about this site is that there are no more than 5 stars available. I can’t recommend her highly enough. As a side note, she has also adjusted my horses, and they love her!!! She makes the lives of everyone in my family so much better!!!!

Rachel C.
I cannot thank Dr. Jackie enough. I have been to a couple other chiropractors before, but none of them come close to my experience with her. Whenever I would go to other chiropractors I never really understood what they were doing and why. With Dr. Jackie that changed right off the bat. She checked out my entire body. She informed me of what she found, how it was effecting me, and answered all my questions. I felt apart of the visit. I recommend her to everyone!

Mickey C.
Dr. Jackie is the best. She has flexible hours so I don’t have time off of work. She is very nice and very thorough. She takes the time to actually check you out completely. No 2 minute in and out sessions. She cares. I had an issue with my hip and carpal tunnel in my wrist. She was able to adjust back, neck, hip, and wrists. She also gave me simple exercises to help with my carpal tunnel issues. The best part was when she came to my house to chiropractic my dog Jackson! She is great and highly recommended.